Top 10 Tech/Gadgets Christmas Gift Ideas!

Christmas is coming up soon and you know tech/gadgets can put some smiles on many people, here’s my Top 10 wishlist for what I’d like to receive for this Christmas:

1. Galaxy Tab Android Tablet – I know, this is very expensive but certainly it’s the newest thing out there and is more portable than iPad, fits in your pocket. T-Mobile’s Galaxy Tab is probably the best one to “gift” as it comes with no contract and pre-paid plans.

2. Kindle – Of course, Kindle is always a great gift as the prices has lowered. Did you know that the most popular gadget during Black Friday and Cyber Monday was the Kindle? Kindle was 3-5 times more popular than Macbooks, iPhones, and iPods. That says a lot about the Kindle. You can go look it up on Google trends if you don’t believe me.  Get the 3G+Wifi version if you can, it doesn’t make sense if you can’t read books where you don’t have WiFi, that’s like getting a half-a** product.

3. Canon EOS Rebel T2i – I know DSLR cameras can be expensive and if you are trying to get someone a new DSLR camera (upgrading from an old one or someone who is trying to get started with DSLRs), try the Canon EOS Rebel T2i because it can do a whopping 18 megapixels for photos and even take crisp, movie-like 1080P videos. At under $1,000, no one can argue this is the best DSLR Christmas present, you get bang for your buck. Of course, I have a Canon EOS 7D which I bought before they introduced the Rebel T2i, I would have bought the Rebel T2i because of the drastic price difference. (and spend more money on lenses instead)

4. Logitech Revue Google TV – Most of us already have an HDTV at home, adding Logitech Revue Google TV unit certainly adds some more entertainment to your TV’s ability to stream from the internet. Personally, I watch more YouTube than cable so having Google TV would be ideal for me to go surfing the YouTube at the comfort of my couch instead of my desktop. This certainly is a great gift to give to any gadget-addict like myself.

5. Kinect – I recently tried the Xbox 360 Kinect and I have to say it’s more kid/toddler-friendly than Wii.  This is probably the most revolutionary game console yet, I want one!

6. Mvix Ultio Pro – This is one of the hidden gems for early-adapter kids like myself, the Mvix Ultio Pro can be used as a standalone, bittorrent client, and you can even put a SATA drive inside it.  I am “still” reviewing a sample unit that Mvix has sent me but so far, it’s been proving to be an awesome bittorrent device.  Don’t confuse this box with Google TV.  Google TV cannot store stuff it can only stream stuff while Mvix Ultio Pro does exactly that, store all your favorite movies.  If you know someone who downloads ton of animes/movies on bittorrent, get him one of these units, he will thank you for the rest of his life.

7. TokyoFlash LED watches – Getting  a watch from a mall can be a boring gift because the chances are likely that someone else has it too.   Instead gift someone TokyoFlash LED watches, which can only be ordered exclusively from Tokyo and they make super-great gadget gifts.

8. FlipHD – I’ve had a FlipHD for over a year now and it’s probably the best portable HD camcorder out there.  It’s easy to use, takes better videos than any point-and-shoot camera, and make a great gift.   I prefer the FlipHD over other Flip camcorders because of its small size.

9. Monster Turbine Earbuds are the best earbuds in the market, cancels out noise, lots of treble/bass, if you get any audiophile these earbuds, they will literally french kiss you for it. (Rated #1 at

10. Western Digital Passport Portable Hard Drive – I own like 3 of these and would not travel anywhere without them as I take 30-40GB of photos/videos with my DSLR.  These also make great gift, no one can have enough storage space these days with all the technological innovations.

11. (Bonus) This Optoma PK201 portable projector is the best on market for its size and quality, makes a great gift to those who travel a lot.  Makes playing games while traveling a breeze.

3 Responses to Top 10 Tech/Gadgets Christmas Gift Ideas!

  1. max says:

    hahaha, u like it now.

  2. Blair Stover says:

    This is a good list, but nothing really that interesting is on it. I was hoping to see something that is more unique.

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