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Overall, I would have to say might be just what we need to keep our government in check. Clearly, the cables in the Wikileaks show us that our own U.S. government is abusing their powers to the maximum in a way.

I think that’s clearly wrong and it’s time that the government know that there shouldn’t be secrets between the people and them.

And yes, the 2 rape charges on Julian Assange in Switzerland? If you have any common sense, you can see that it’s completely made up. I don’t even know how he would have time to rape someone, nevermind hide from CIA or FBI.

I can’t prove it but I think it’s CIA and FBI who’s behind the rapings, I can’t imagine someone in the middle of such big release of classified documents to be behind THAT.

That said, the point of this blog post is not that Julian Assange has done the right thing (as it is clearly illegal for someone to just steal copyrighted text), but what I am feeling is that the U.S. government is “abusing” its powers to get this “one” person.

That I cannot take, especially in this country where freedom of speech is the law. The U.S. government cannot abuse their powers just to take an individual down, that is simply wrong. How would you like it if you wanted to legalize marijuana for example, then the U.S. government gets you caught in a rape charge and a lot of other BS.

I am not saying that is what happened here but anyone with common sense can “sense” that someone is really trying to bend some rules here.

I’d say just let this whole thing go for now, the cables have been already distributed worldwide and saved on millions of computers. They should really think about beefing up the U.S. government secret/classified cable system if anything at all.

Hey, if I accidentally left my door open in my house and someone robbed me, who am I going to blame?

Exactly, they should prevent this by making sure the door is CLOSED.

End of case, no one is right in this case, hell with stupid people in the government right now and people who take advantage of that. Why would you even leave evidence if you don’t want the world to know about it? Exactly.

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