Sex Ed 101 – How to Avoid Pregnancy if You Have Unprotected Sex!

This is for guys who happen to have unprotected sex for some reason although I don’t recommend that unless you are trying to get your girl pregnant.

I don’t know why they don’t have a BIG POSTER for guys at the drug stores but this is a really simple fact.

There’s these pills called Plan B pills you can order on Amazon or at your local drug store, basically if your girl (who you had unprotected sex with) takes it within 3 days of intercourse, it will minimize the chances of pregnancy near 90%.

Just go to the drug store, and go to the pharmacy counter, and ask for “Plan B”, they will give it to you for like $50.

Just saying this could save some of your lives, if you are a guy or a girl, you should always have some Plan B pills with you if you plan on partying out.

What is Plan B pills?

Let me educate you, Plan B pills aren’t abortion pills, these pills basically block the vaginal section of the woman so the sperm cannot get in.  In other words, it’s completely safe and does not kill anything, it blocks sperms from entering the egg.

So, take my advice, if you want to avoid having a baby when you are not ready, make your girl take some Plan B pills.   And no, don’t take her to the abortion center because you were too stupid.

Just an advice to youngsters from an older man.   hahaha, I am getting old!

P.S. Don’t forget to use condoms and spermicides in the first place, they now sell vaginal condoms too now over the counter.

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