SmokeStik Electronic Cigarette Review!

I’ve been a chronic smoker for the last 10 years or so and lately it has gotten so bad to a point sometimes I am smoking 2 packs a day without realizing how much I have been smoking.

Well, recently, I decided to try out some electronic cigarettes as you can smoke them indoors, do not give second-hand smoke, and actually gives off “vapors” that look like real smoke.

I’ve been actually using these SmokeStick Electronic Cigarettes for about a week now and I have to say they do work well for keeping nicotine cravings at bay, especially if you are indoors.

For example, I was at the mall the other day, I didn’t have to force myself to go outside to have a cigarette, instead I just puffed on my e-cigarette.

The electronic cigarette I got was SmokeStik’s Premiun Starter Kit, which comes with 2 e-cigarettes and 3 different flavors (regular nicotine, high nicotine, and menthol).

Each flavor lasts you about 500 puffs or 4-5 packs of cigarettes.   I still haven’t run out of them but you can see how much you can save over regular cigarettes.  Each flavor cartridge is about $4.

The SmokeStik Premium Starter Kit comes with an adapter for charging, USB adapter for charging via your computer, 3 flavor catridges, 2 e-cigarettes, and a nice carrying case.

Overall, I think e-cigarettes are a must-have for smokers even it doesn’t get you completely off the real stuff.  The real benefit for me was that I could still smoke indoors in places where I cannot go outside, such as taking a plane-ride or even being around kids outdoors.

I highly recommend these SmokeStik electronic cigarettes, they are pretty quality stuff.

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