How to Lower Cholesterol and Chances of Heart Attack with Natto!

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For those of you who want to seriously lower your cholesterol and chances of heart attack, let me give you my personal suggestion, try eating some natto everyday.

Natto is Japanese fermented beans that can be eaten with rice.  For people new to it, you might actually not like the taste but once you acquire a taste for it, you will love it.

My dad used to be a foreign exchange student in Japan in the early 70s and he’s been eating natto for as long as I can remember.  I hated the taste of natto while I grew up but sometime after I turned 25 years old or so, I started liking it and also learned that it’s one of the best foods in the world.

It’s true, after even a bad hangover, eat some natto and your stomach will feel good instantly.

Besides lowering cholesterol and chances of heart attack, natto in my personal opinion, makes your stomach feel good.

Well, there’s a ton of stuff you can read up on Natto over at Wikipedia.

Where can you get Natto?

Go to your local Japanese/Korean grocery store, they should have them for about a dollar per box.

Besides the benefits, remember its “natural” and also Japanese people rank #3 in the world for the longest life expectancy at 82.07 years.

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