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So, I’ve been so lazy. No, I’ve been doing so much stuff lately but my blogger helpers, my bloggers, they’ve been helping me get through my hard times:

Let me mention David Allen from UK who always bses my American Korean BS tech bs. And Andrew Nealon who is basically my go-to guy for myself.

And Tanya Palta, who has been working with me for several years and she’s always been willing to write some interesting tech posts that’s breaking.

And Lilian, who has been blogging from Philipines for,, and

And Jessica Rae, who blogs for

Ooops, one more, Brian Yalung, he is the best Flipino bud I know and also a great blogger who does things in time.

I know I always say it’s “me” but these are the people who shoot my enemies for me while I run out to their camp and blow up their stuff. Yes, that’s what I am doing right now, hopefully I will be back in December to blog about stuff that I really care about, blogging about howtos, tech, and more.

Anyways, shoutout to these bloggers, they’ve been part of my business,, and I hope you be proud that I hire many international writers who are very good.

You know, I am the type of person who says nothing about you breaking world records, then say that you are the best in the world 4 years later.

Sometimes, less is more, and yes, u all help me more than anything and wait until December, something big is going to be here.

Wanna write and make money online? Send me an e-mail to max at zedomax dot com and ur life will change.

Well, u can send me good emails only. Only if u want to be half-arse gute. 🙂 (That’s English and german.)

p.s. U Wanna write and get paid for writing? dont forget to email me, I m ur best helper online. Yes that is you techspit or spittech?!?

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