Verizon Launching 4G LTE at CTIA!

So, today will be a big day for Verizon, who will be launching 4G LTE right here at CTIA around 11:30AM.  From what we know so far, Verizon will probably launch 4G LTE in 30 cities by end of 2010 and hopefully nationwide by late next year.

I had the pleasure of attending Verizon’s private party last night (thanks again to folks at Verizon and great hospitality by Don at B Bars and Restaurant in SF) and actually got to talk to an insider at CDMA development group, who manages the standards of CDMA technology and 3G.

I won’t mention his name but the guy ad CDMA development group was saying that both Sprint’s WiMax, Verizon’s 4G LTE were not really “4G” but really a marketing hype to get people on-board network a bit faster than 3G.

It seemed like current so-called “4G” technology is actually a bit more like 3.5G.

Instead, he told me they are already working on true 4G technology called LTE Advanced. (That’s just the code name right now but it will be called something else.)

LTE and WiMax are both two different technologies and probably will have its own “advanced” version in the next couple years.

In the meanwhile, we will all have to shut our mouths and enjoy the fake “4G”. Well, that fake 4G is still pretty darn fast so, stay tunned folks for update on Verizon’s launch event.

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