Standalone USB Duplicators Faster than USB 3.0!

For those of you looking for the fastest USB duplicators in the world (perhaps for your company’s latest marketing flash drives you will be handing out at the next tradeshow), look nowhere but at Nexcopy’s new line of standalone USB Duplicators. ┬áIt’s OS-less embedded systems are practical and faster than USB 3.0.

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The new standalone USB duplicators from Nexcopy provide ultra fast data copying of content to flash media. Depending on the device, the standalone duplicators can reach a maximum of 2GBs per minute data transfer. These numbers yield a transfer speed faster than current USB 3.0 technologies for data loading to USB 2.0 flash drives.

“Our PC based systems have been our flagship product for many years, but for those who need ultra fast copy speeds with simple operation, the new standalone systems are the ideal product,” says Greg Morris, President of Nexcopy. “Our standalone systems are highly optimized with dedicated OS-less boards which control the copy process – the new systems from Nexcopy are not embedded computers, but rather dedicated boards to perform a primary function – to copy.”

via prweb, Nexcopy

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