Plumbing Hack – How to Unclog a Toilet Using a Closet Auger!

For those of you who have clogged toilets and whatnot, you might actually want to try this method of using a closet auger like this guy who did after his wife accidentally flushed a rag through the toilet.  I think this is a really great idea and you should try it too before calling your local plumber and might have other uses also.

Besides that, it might be a lot more environmentally sound than draining Liquid Draino.

(And yes, if you are in SF Bay Area, don’t forget my best friend is a local San Francisco plumber, just tell Max sent you and he will do the job right for super cheap.)

We stuck that thing into the pipe and started cranking. It was unclear exactly how we would manage to snag and retrieve the rag, so we resolved to try pushing it out. And we did. Or, at least, we satisfied ourselves that the section of pipe on the near side of the big city pipe was clear. Case closed.

via cburrell.wordpress

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