Hard Drive DIY – How to Build a DIY Wooden External Hard Drive!

For those of you who want a portable, external portable with more wooden and natural “feel”, you might want to think about building your own DIY wooden enclosure using your WD Passport. ¬†This is a great way to accompany your DIY Wooden PC btw. ¬†(Also see furniture PC)

I used a 2.5″ hard drive from my WD Passport as it already had the SATA>USB connection thingy on it. Prying open the case was pretty easy with a screwdriver, and the drive popped out of its little rubber buffers. Before I opened up the drive, I made sure there was nothing important on it. I use this as a jump drive, not for backup, so everything on it was expendable should the unforeseen happen.

via lifehacker

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