AMD Fusion Zacate!

(This small processor size of a dime literally, contains power of more than an Intel i5 processor plus graphics, simply amazing!)

Tonight, I had the honor to hold the AMD Fusion Zacate chip.  The chip I am holding in my hand in the picture above is the flagship product of AMD.  Thanks to Monica, I was invited to AMD’s launch party for the AMD Fusion Zacate chip.

What does it do?

It’s basically a dual-core processor CPU with graphics(GPU) embedded.  It’s the size of a dime, yet performs much faster than an Intel Core i5 processor.

AMD had a demo between their new AMD Fusion Zacate chip and an Intel Core i5 2.4Ghz processor at the launch party.   Well, the Zacate performed at least 10 times faster on most of its tests.  I am no novice when it comes to processors and computers and I have to tell you, AMD is onto something really big (well small actually), fast, and might be infesting many laptops in the year 2011.

I own an ultra-thin and lightweight laptop called the ASUS UL30Vt, which has an Intel CULV processor.  I thought that was fast but Zacate does a whole lot more.

My problem was that I could never really do well on 1080P HD video editing with my Intel-CULV equipped ASUS laptop but this Zacate might just be what I have been waiting for.  (without added cost/size)

Just think of it this way, what if you can have a processor capable of doing things much faster than an Intel Core i5 (which is one of the prominently used processors for laptops these days) yet its smaller and also lets out less heat?

Well, I am sure you will hear more of this but you saw it first on! 🙂

(The prototype “laptop” running the new AMD Fusion Zacate to be ready for first quarter 2011.)

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  1. Jim says:

    It is important to note that Zacate is priced to compete with Atom – yet Zacate performs up to 10x faster than an i5.

    Intel will have to up its exclusionary bribes and coercions to keep Sony, HP, Dell and others from buying this cool chip.

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