Samsung Epic 4G Review!

Well, after a week of waiting after the official launch of the Samsung Epic 4G, we were able to get our hands-on a contract-free Epic 4G off Amazon for just $499.99 (the price has gone up slightly since we bought it).

This is actually my plumber friend’s (from new phone we ordered for him (no, we did not pay for it of course), and was able to move his Palm Pre contract to the Epic 4G, root the phone, and install wifi tether, all in about 30 minutes.  He told me I am better than the Sprint reps at Sprint store.  (hahaha)

Anyways, my plumber friend hangs out at my apartment often when he’s not digging so I’ve had a good amount of time playing with the new Samsung Epic 4G.

Processor and Design Form Factor on the Samsung Epic 4G

First of all, everything is so snappy with the Samsung Epic 4G, its 1Ghz Samsung Hummingbird ARM processor certainly lives up to its name as everything works fast and I didn’t notice any lags or delays while switching between application.

Second, Samsung has done a wonderful job with the Epic 4G’s design, I like it much much better than the T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant because it feels more solid in your hands plus the back-lit physical keyboard is simply a killer.

Check out some of this close-up photos of the Epic 4G:

What I like about the Samsung Epic 4G over the Samsung Vibrant is the back, which has a matte finish instead of glossy.  The Samsung Vibrant’s back is too glossy, you can easily get fingerprints on it whereas the Samsung Epic 4G’s back is matte and doesn’t slip in your hands nor the fingerprints.

I like how Samsung put the micro-USB charing port at the top of the phone as shown here and there’s even a slide-locking mechanism to prevent dust/dirt from entering when not in use.  When it comes to small details, Samsung as a company does a fantastic job. (and reason also why Samsung chips are used on virtually all consumer products we buy today.)

The bottom of the phone is nicely designed too.  The back cover comes off easily by sliding your fingernails in the hole, allowing for better/smoother design and no extra locking mechanisms needed.

The Samsung Epic 4G actually looks like a “mini” version of PSP.

The spring-loaded QWERTY keyboard slides out very easily and snaps back effortlessly.

Back-lit Physical QWERTY Keyboard on the Samsung Epic 4G

The slide mechanism on the QWERTY keyboard is just plain awesome, very easy to slide out and in.  Of course, the QWERTY keyboard itself is amazing.  Since I have been using the Motorola Droid 2 for couple weeks now, I know what a good QWERTY keyboard is supposed to feel like.

The Samsung Epic 4G’s keyboard outperforms the Droid 2’s keyboard because the keyboard itself is much bigger, more keys, and they are much easier to press.  I would think Samsung be good at this since they have made such type of phones before.

Super AMOLED screen on the Samsung Epic 4G

For Sprint, the Samsung Epic 4G probably has the brightest and best screen with its super-thin Super AMOLED display, which also integrates the touchscreen, certainly much better than anything else on the smartphone market right now.  I don’t doubt that, Epic 4G has better screen than Evo 4G, Droid X, and iPhone 4.

Of course, the screen improvement is very subtle, so don’t get the wrong idea that there’s a huge difference.  But yes, Epic 4G has the best screen out there. (as all the Galaxy S phones do including Samsung Vibrant, Samsung Fascinate, and Samsung Captivate, which all use the exact-same Super AMOLED display.)

Most people won’t actually see the difference but I do because I’ve reviewed all the new smartphones and a bit picky about every detail.

Camera/Video Recording on the Samsung Epic 4G

The Samsung Epic 4G does a great job of taking photos and 720P HD videos on video mode.  Plus, the Epic comes with a front-facing camera for video chat.

Buy Samsung Epic 4G or Not?

Samsung Epic 4G is definitely a killer Android smartphone that is highly recommended (right NOW).  Another reason why Samsung Epic 4G is a good buy is because it came late to the market.  Just as a rule of thumb, I think phones coming later are simply better since they didn’t have to be guinea-pig phones like Nexus One was.

I still remember the day I got the Nexus One and when all this Android 2.1 & 2.2 revolution started.  Actually I was over at CES 2010 in Las Vegas and had to call FedEx to hold my package.  Anyways, now I can see the improvements smartphone makers have been making.  They are all pretty subtle but these subtle improvements over the months make a huge difference for the user experience.

The touchscreen on the Epic 4G is far better than the one on Nexus One.  Nexus One seems very old to me now and it IS already.  Nexus One will still live on as the phone that certainly started it all but the new Android smartphones that have been rolling out for the last few months are drastically better than any Android phones you saw 6 months ago.

And I know, with all these new Android smartphones coming out every month you will probably want to wait forever for that new phone.  But hey, same thing happens with computer processors, laptops, and even HDTVs.   The more choice consumers have, the better I think.

And is Samsung Epic 4G better than iPhone 4?  Oh hell yeah, iPhone 4 is so OLD already, if Apple wants to stay in this cut-throat smartphone business, they better start launching at least 2-3 different iPhone models every year and ones with no antenna-design flaws.

Where to Buy Samsung Epic 4G?

I actually bought this phone for my plumber friend off Amazon without a contract.

If you buy on Amazon with a contact, you can get it for just $199 (instead of $349 at store with $100 mail-in rebate), so you save $50 right off the bat and also get your $100 instant rebate instead of waiting a month for it or even forgetting about it caz you get lazy).

Here, you can check these links for the best “current” prices online:

Also check out Samsung Epic 4G Accessories!

2 Responses to Samsung Epic 4G Review!

  1. marcel says:

    Thanks for the poignant review. I have the Epic 4, but now way to sync it to my iMac Extreme. Any ideas?

    I had little problem with PocketMac on my existing 8330 curve, but now being w/o the crackberry, I negligently realized there are no highly rated apps. for Address Book and iCal, because of the ongoing baby-wipes war between Apple & Android.

    FoneSync from Germany would have been awesome, but they wrote me back to tell me NO MAS for the moment with the samsung SPH-d700 [Epic, Fantastic, etc.]

    Everything on the market, I’ve heard of so far, has been rated like a carny show.

    Any ideas? Heard of anything stable?

    Please let me know. Would appreciate the phone a whole lot better. Right now it’s like an Andriod Anchor without my contacts synced.


  2. RichieD says:

    I bought the Epic,really love this phone, display is unbeatable, like the qwerty board.The deal breaker was lack of bluetooth dialing, further the voice dial did not work, and it would not be the first time a manufactor left the consumer in the lurch.The Andriod 2.2 was to correct this. I returned the Epic within the 30 days and bought the EVO. Evo had the deal breaker.Epic’s display beats the competion hANDS DOWN.

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