Samsung Epic 4G Accessories!

For those of you who just got the Samsung Epic 4G, here’s some of the essential Samsung Epic 4G accessories you might want to get and more:

Car Mount for Samsung Epic 4G

I’ve tried a TON of car mounts but the best one is this GTMax Universal Car Mount, which fits all kinds of phones.  I wouldn’t buy a dedicated car mount because then your wife who has an iPhone can’t use it when she drives your car or you upgrade your phone next year.  This one is very durable, also very affordable at just $7.77 on Amazon.

Screen Protector for Epic 4G

Don’t forget to get a screen protector for your new Samsung Epic 4G, I highly recommend these Zagg Screen Protectors made for the Epic, $24.99 for full body at Zagg us certainly the best in the market for screen protectors and I would recommend them over others.

Samsung Epic 4G Mirror Screen Protector

Want to use your Samsung Epic 4G as a mirror?  You can get a Samsung Epic 4G Mirror screen protector.

Samsung Epic 4G Carbon Fiber Skin

If you want to get a nice real carbon fiber on your Samsung Epic 4G, don’t forget Skinomi’s Carbon Fiber Skin for the Epic, it also comes with screen protector.

Samsung Epic 4G Case

If you plan on keeping your new Samsung Epic 4G protected from accidental drops and what not, don’t forget to get a good case, I highly recommend these Seidio Cases, comes in black/purple and also an option to get a holster if you need it.

Also you can check out for more cool Samsung Epic 4G cases.

Samsung Epic 4G Earbuds

I have tried a ton of earbuds and the best one for an Android smartphone such as the Samsung Epic 4G is the Jlabs J3M earbuds which come with a microphone and works well even in super-windy conditions to talk to your friends and family.  Besides that, these are great for simply listening to music too, why not kill 2 stones with one earbud?  And yes, these are about 10 times better than the earbuds that come with your Samsung Epic 4G phone.  (Also read-up on the best earbuds at

Micro-USB Cables for Samsung Epic 4G

Don’t forget to pick up couple extra micro USB cables as you will lose them or you need extra ones for home and the office, just $1.95 on Amazon.  If you travel a lot, get a retractable micro USB cable too.

Samsung Epic 4G Video Out Cable

Did you know your Samsung Epic 4G phone has the ability to “mirror” its screen to your HDTV?  Don’t forget to pick up a cheap 3.5mm to RCA cable on Amazon and make sure you swap the colors otherwise it won’t work.

You can watch this video which is for Samsung Vibrant but same for the Samsung Epic 4G.

Samsung Epic 4G Car Charger

If you want to charge your Samsung Epic 4G in your car, I highly recommend this “one-piece” Motorola micro USB charger, re-charges your phone really fast and high-power output.

For more Samsung Epic 4G Accessories, don’t forget to check out

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How can the Samsung Epic 4G Video Out Cable possibly work, there’s no option on the EPIC 4G to switch the mode to video out!

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