Xambox Allows You To Retrieve Your Documents From Anywhere!

For those of you who have a hard time dealing with physical papers, it’s time for you to start using a service like Xambox, which stores your documents securely in cloud and to be retrieved anywhere.

Of course, you probably want to know how I do it too, I just e-mail myself the important PDF documents via GMail.   But the only thing that will limit me is when the PDF file gets too large for an e-mail attachment.

Well, you can use Xambox for that.

Press Release:

Xamance, creators of the Xambox (an automatic paper filer for digital and physical documents), is releasing another smart solution to their line-up of organizational products. Xambox Anywhere, which offers the same conveniences and benefits as other Xamance products, allows you to access and retrieve your documents, well, anywhere.

Simply by stacking all of your papers into your TWAIN scanner, by uploading or printing them via your virtual printer to your Xambox Anywhere account, all of your documents are just a click away, on the Cloud. Featuring a search engine that uses a simple key word search, you can retrieve your documents from any computer or mobile device.

Once scanned your documents are securely sent to your private Xambox account where there are compressed and converted into PDFs . The Xambox Anywhere service is smartly equipped with an impressive OCR (Optical Character Recognition) function and automatically indexes all of the words in your document. What does that mean exactly? Retrieving, filing, and sorting documents is a breeze.

What makes this an even better product is that Xamance has adapted their Xambox Anywhere system to work with any TWAIN scanner, so running out to buy expensive office equipment is totally unnecessary.

After using Xambox Anywhere, take a good look at your desk or kitchen countertop. You’ll see nothing but spotless spaces because Xambox Anywhere teaches you to organize smarter. How so? By being selective paperless, as quoted by Xamance North America’s COO, Etienne Léger.

“With Xambox Anywhere, you will learn to keep your important hard copies and to shred your less important documents. Should you need the hard copy, Xambox Anywhere tells you where it is: Box 5, 3rd page past the blue divider. “

Léger adds, “Or, of course, you can print or email a new copy wherever you may be in the world.”

Léger breaks down the genius of the Xambox Anywhere system adding that if you have ever dreamed of having your papers file themselves automatically in your filing cabinet and/ or have ever dreamed of accessing your documents wherever you are in the world, Xambox Anywhere is your total solution.

Available in the U.S. since 2008, Xamance is a pioneer in the ever growing industry of organization and will have you thinking twice before ever organizing the traditional way again.

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