Best Pizza Recipe on the Internet!

Couple days back I told you how I make pizza. ¬†Well, I’ve been researching more pizza recipes online and found this terrific recipe by Jeff Varasano, who has mastered the pizza dough and has detailed the process of making it with like a 100-page web page.

I spent like 3 hours reading through his stuff and glad to say as a pizza maker, his stuff might be the best pizza recipe on the internet.

Jeff Varasano has even opened his own Pizza restaurant in Atlanta, so let me know how good his pizza is if you get to try it.

This pizza is modeled after Patsy’s on 117th street in NYC. I have been working on this for SIX years, but FINALLY I can report that I have achieved my goal. Many people have tried my pie and swear it is not only the best pizza they’ve ever had, but a clone of the original Patsy’s recipe. This margarita pie is incredibly light and perfectly charred. It took just 2 minutes and 10 seconds to bake at 825F.

His main “secret” to pizza seems to be a “hacked” electric home oven with the cleaning switch turned off so it can reach temperatures up to near 800 degrees in fahrenheit. What a great hack!

Anyways, I will definitely be trying his methods for the dough and the oven hack so watch out for that too.

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