Why They Should Not Burn the Koran!

UPDATE: The Burning of Koran has been cancelled for now, THANK GOD!

I am not usually political or anything but in this case where a Florida pastor is declaring to burn 200 books of Koran (I found out its basically the Bible for the Muslim people), I have something to say and whether you like it or not, I think it’s wrong.

First of all, there’s no clear purpose to any of this other than burning a bunch of Koran books. Already heads of the U.S. Military are worried sick that this will end up in soldiers killed as a direct result and I don’t doubt that.

Besides that, attacking a whole human race is simply wrong. It’s like when we had 911 couple years back and some innocent Muslim people were killed. It’s like going back to the Japanese Internment Camps.

My main reason why they should not burn the Koran is because a lot of bad chain reaction of events can happen because of it. It’s called Karma and I don’t see how this childish act of retaliating against another culture will help America or the rest of the world.

Freedom of speech is good but this pastor blew it way out of proportion by contacting the media. For crying out loud, he went on CNN to interview and told the world what he was going to do. Maybe he wanted to be the most famous “pastor” in the world for starting World War III. If he did this and he didn’t blow it out of proportion by going on TV, I would have no problem with his freedom of speech but man, we don’t need more wars by flaming other cultures and blowing it out of proportion, no no no!

Besides that, you need to realize there’s probably millions of Muslim Americans out there who are innocent, that is the truth and you can’t deny that.

Anyways, just wanted to say what I feel and I think it’s important that more people know this is wrong and they should do something to stop the event.

Look, I am not a Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, nor anything. I don’t believe in any religion. But I do believe I have better sense of the world than most since I can see “outside the box”, that’s all.

And if you are Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, or believe in any religion, your mind is already “biased” towards your own religion, and I hope that’s the right one.

15 Responses to Why They Should Not Burn the Koran!

  1. Doodie says:

    People have been burning things in protest for years…..bras, flags, bibles, likenesses etc. Burning a book is non-violent. Americans are now scared to protest a something that they don’t agree with and view as oppressive and violent.

    If someone is going to burn a Koran in protest of large violent and oppressive factions of Islam………….isn’t telling them not to burn a book because people will get killed kind of illogical? Basically you’re saying “don’t protest violence, or it might get violent”.

  2. max says:

    No, it’s not really like that in this case, you are targetting the whole Muslim community when it’s the small percentage of Muslim people, the Muslim extremists who are at fault. It’s like the paster from Florida Terry Jones is a Christian extremist. In fact, Terry Jones isn’t even sanctioned by any regional/national Christians. Go to his website, he’s pretty much a hater on everything, sells “kill Islam” T-shirts, “No more Homos”, and all this hate stuff. I don’t have to be religious to know that this guy is not really a religious person but a pretender.

    Koran and Islam may be violent and oppressive but that’s not America’s job to go fix, that might just be their culture. You have to respect other cultures, whatever their culture says, it’s theirs. We can’t stuff American hamburgers down their throats, that’s all I am saying, maybe Muslim people like their culture, maybe they rather eat vegetables than hamburgers.

    What Terry Jones is trying to do is say that Christian religion is the ONLY way and stuff it down the throats of others, this guy should really be doing something else and I hope government starts doing something, like voiding his non-profit status because their church obviously isn’t really a church as far as I can see. There are many other hard-working Americans like myself who don’t use government’s money just to hate on others. No, I won’t respect this scumbag for living off our tax money and I don’t give a shi* what he says.

  3. I have to agree with Zeedo. I am a Palestinian and Christian. I have plenty of Muslim friends.

    The truth is, Muslim extremists burned our Churches and even slit the throat of one of our Priests. Is it my job to kill every Muslim because of this? NO. Matter fact I still love Muslims but unfortunately its the crazies that ruin it for them and the religion.

    The Bible says to forgive and forget. Turn the cheek, the true Christian does not need to fight a religious war because of our Savior Jesus Christ. He died so we would not have to seek blood and violence. He shed the blood for us. Some extremists don’t see that light. Quite frankly, Islam is growing and the last thing we need is a World War against the Arab countries.

  4. max says:

    Well said, violence (and things that start violence) is not the answer, we must find a better way to resolve world terrorist issues, burning Korans isn’t the answer. Entire muslim population is not at fault, you can’t blame things on “entire” culture, that’s like saying just because my neighbor was Korean and he killed my son, I must go out there and kill all Koreans.

  5. Poncho Alarcon says:

    «I do believe I have better sense of the world than most since I can see “outside the box”, that’s all.»

    Thta’s BRAINS!… And heart.

    Saludos desde (Greetings from) Monterrey Mx!

  6. Allahu Akbar says:

    God is Great, doesn’t matter which religion, it’s all the same when the ship is sinking.

    Islam is a very committed faith, no hypocrites allowed. It serves no worthwhile purpose to denigrate their text, in fact it would simply confirm their view that Americans are indeed the infidels.

  7. Extraspect says:

    Timothy McVeigh the bomber of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, claimed to be a Christan, does that indicate that the GOOD people in the United States should burn the “New Testament”. Of 6+ billion people there may be many million evil ones, but still a fraction of a percentage.

  8. BillboTex says:

    Max, I LOVE your technology site, and I agree with you that NO ONE should burn any religious text, EVER! But your religious beliefs seem too simplistic to me. Possibly because you support NO religious beliefs? Normally I would NEVER comment on your beliefs, except for the case where you make them public on your technology site.

    “…YOU ARE TARGETTING (sic) THE WHOLE MUSLIM COMMUNITY…” – It is wrong to burn books, but not wrong to expect the Muslims to condemn innocent beheadings/stonings by Muslim terrorists (even when the acts are being perpetrated on Christians. Exactly the same way most Christians universally condemned Timothy McVeigh’s acts.

    “…TERRY JONES… THIS GUY IS NOT REALLY A RELIGIOUS PERSON, BUT A PRETENDER.” – Yes true, much like terrorists claim to be Muslim, but notice the almost universal Christian condemnation of Jones/McVeigh, and the lack of terrorist condemnation by mainstream Muslims. Remember the world wide celebratory dancing videos in most world capitols the day after 911? Where was the Muslim condemnation of that?

    “…VIOLENT AND OPPRESSIVE BUT THAT’S NOT AMERICA’S JOB TO FIX…” – No Max, if their “culture” is violent and oppressive, the violence/oppression DOES NOT have to be tolerated in our country, or anywhere in the world AGAINST OUR CITIZENS. Vegetables = acceptance of murder of other religious followers, murder/mutilation of Muslim women & children, etc…………. and hamburgers = rescue/charity to ANY needy country, free speech, tolerance, etc.?. Max, if you haven’t chosen any religion, at least chose a morality to live by?

    “…NO, I WON’T RESPECT THIS SCUMBAG…” Neither will I, Max, nor will I respect anyone who publicly supports Sharia law and it’s murder/oppression of the human spirit.

  9. max says:

    Well, I think both ways but burning textbooks is like a childplay, we should take it more seriously, that’s all, it’s people’s lives at stake, even if thats 1. Soldiers are people like you and me.

  10. max says:

    I try to be best to each side, I don’t favor any group or person, but it’s good to hear from you Billbotex.

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. Karen Newell says:

    I agree that it is wrong for this pastor or anyone else to burn the Koran. It is equally wrong for someone to burn a Bible or a flag. Didn’t most of us learn in childhood it was wrong to go around insulting people?

    What amazes me is the number of people denouncing this act of burning the Koran, who have ignored all the Bible burnings and flag burnings over the years. The media reported favorably on a university professor receiving a state salary who took her class out to burn the American flag to demonstrate freedom of speech.

    As others have posted in this discussion, all the innocent Muslims are rather silent in the light of the murder, rape, and terrorism which is mainstream for many Muslims.

    While Koran burning is wrong, it is mild compared to terrorism – be it the 911 attacks or the thousands of smaller attacks that have happened off of American soil. There are far more Christians denouncing the burning of the Koran than there are of Muslims denouncing the terrorist acts.

    The discrepancy is telling. Which do you really think is worse?

  13. Bruce Miller says:

    The comments generally say that only a small community of Muslims are terrorists. I agree and personally feel that anyone who intentionally sets out to provoke and cause problems is wrong. So for the record I am against book burnings, flag burnings, deaths & retaliations for cartoons, etc.

    However, the flip side seems to be completely ignored – how come the whole country of America (and its soldiers) is being held responsible for the actions of one minister of a 50 member church?

    The general opinion is we should think of the innocent majority of Muslims, but expect to be held responsible and retaliations for allowing 1 person to act like this, even though the vast majority of Americans disapprove.

    The irony is that I am currently living in India where a Governor stands accused of leading anti-Muslim riots and killings and still has not been brought to justice – but the country has officially condemned the U.S. for the proposed burning.

    Max – condemn the burning for being wrong, not because you are afraid of retaliation.

  14. Jimmy Asr says:

    I don’t see Al Quran is a treat. Maybe we can read what is Quran all about by going and reat it at this below address.


  15. i Totally agree with you i’m from middle-east kuwait ,, we don’t hate you people the qura’an is like the bible for christian , i just hope you read or search in our community we are not that bad as they are telling you in ur newspapers and tv or politics stuff’s for sure not all of us are agree about what i’m saying the same of your’s so what i’m trying to say here that there’s no muslim or christian or jew’s or anything else it’s just a pretender’s those who are making the bad reputation of muslim’s like bin laden for example and there’s some christian who are doing the same such as Terry Jones ? so i hope you get it believe me people just quit this Intolerance & Sectarian it won’t get you to anywhere else , eye for and eye !! and all those kid’s thing’s if you are gonna burn the quran and i’m gonna burn the bible so what !? you solved something in our quran there’s something say’s (God Can’t Change Anything In People’s Heart , Unless They Change Them Selves) ,, so if i believe in my religion even if you burn mecca you won’t change me cuz i have faith , so just grow up and live in peace ..


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