Viewsonic VX2433wm – Best 24-inch 1080P Monitor Review!

Couple weeks back, I ordered a new 24-inch Viewsonic VX2433wm 1080P monitor from Amazon because it was on sale for like just $210. Anyways, after using this monitor for couple weeks now, I love it.

This 24-inch Viewsonic monitor has full 1080P 1920×1080 resolution, which I love over my old 21-inch monitor that had 1680×1080 resolution, the extended real estate on my monitor certainly helps.

I was also concerned whether this Viewsonic monitor would be worth its super-low price on the market but it was a good bet that paid off.

These monitors also come with built-in speakers, HDMI input, and DVI input.

I would say these Viewsonics are probably the best value on the market right now for your benjamins, great for any office work, gamers, bed TV and all-around great monitor.

Right now, the Viewsonic VX2433wm isn’t on sale anymore but they have a better version for even cheaper, the Viewsonic VX2439wm for $198.99 on Amazon.

The pictures on 1080P HD movies on this monitor are simply amazing.

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