Google Instant Search!

Google has launched their “instant search” and believe me, I think this is great!   Although I use the Chrome browser URL bar or my Android browser’s, this allows me to search without ever hitting the Enter key after the first time I search something.

Anyways, this could be Google’s most innovative improvements ever.  The concept isn’t the point but the point is that Google is able to actually implement this with one of the largest databases in the world, that’s a hard feat to copy, I would be surprised if Bing can do this.

Search as you type. It’s a simple and straightforward idea—people can get results as they type their queries. Imagining the future of search, the idea of being able to search for partial queries or provide some interactive feedback while searching has come up more than a few times. Along the way, we’ve even built quite a few demos (notably, Amit Patel in 1999 and Nikhil Bhatla in 2003). Our search-as-you-type demos were thought-provoking—fun, fast and interactive—but fundamentally flawed. Why? Because you don’t really want search-as-you-type (no one wants search results for [bike h] in the process of searching for [bike helmets]). You really want search-before-you-type—that is, you want results for the most likely search given what you have already typed.

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