Canon Powershot S95 Review!

For those of you who want the best quality photos period without resorting to a full-fledged DSLR or even hybrid DSLR cameras, your best bet is to go with the Canon Powershot S95, which is the predecessor to Canon powershot S90.

Certainly, this is the “best” point-and-shoot camera on the market today for taking photos.  I meant “photos” here and if you are looking for something else like videos, there are other cameras you should look at.

But the new Canon Powershot S95 also does 720P HD recording, a huge improvement over the S90, which didn’t of course.  One disappointment is that during video recording the use isn’t able to zoom in/out nor focus.  That is certainly one thing I am looking for, especially if I am going to ditch my Canon 7D for the S95.

Still, the Powershot S95 is the best point-and-shoot camera for “photos” and even video if you are just doing some home videos.

Price: $399 on Amazon

Here’s some sample photos using Canon Powershot S95:

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