How to Make a DIY Acrylic iPhone 4 Dock!

I’ve always enjoyed working with acrylic and just noticed this instructable that shows you how to make a DIY acrylic iPhone 4 dock.  This could be also great for all kinds of other Android smartphones.

And yup, if you have a laser cutter too, that would help a lot.  I am getting one of those in my home someday.  *sigh*

Having some acrylic and a laser cutter available, I set out to make an acrylic dock for the iphone4. Being a nexus one owner myself I took pity on a couple of friends and decided to make some for them.

After measuring up a co-workers phone, I made a dock that would work with a covered phone. However, that cover was replaced with an ‘official’ antennae-gate fix one, which was a little thicker. This instructable will make a dock compatible with those style covers, however should be fine with ones that are thinner.

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