How To Check If Your Computer Has USB 2.0!

Most new computers and laptops these days ship with USB 2.0 but if you want to check if your computer/laptop has USB 2.0, here’s how:

For Windows, go to your Device Manager, then open up the “Universal Serial Bus controllers” tab.

You should find something with “Enhanced” in it.  If you do, that means most likely all the USB ports on your computer are USB 2.0 enabled.

Also, if you use a USB hub, it make sure you get a USB 2.0 compatible USB hub.

If you have any suspicions for example that your USB 2.0 enabled portable hard disk does not transfer files fast enough (they should be faster than 12MB/s), double-check that the “correct” drivers are installed for your hard disk.  If not, you might still be able to transfer files but using USB 1.0 or 1.1.  After installing the drivers for it, you should get USB 2.0 speeds.

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