HDTV Accessories!

For those of you who have bought your HDTV, here’s some of the most essential HDTV accessories you might want to think about getting to get the most out of your new HDTV:

  • HDMI Cables – Probably the most important part of HDTV is that you need to connect it to other HD devices such as a Blu-ray disc player, PS3, laptop, etc…etc…  For this, you will need an HDMI cable.  Most HDMI cables will do and you don’t need to spend extra on extravagant HDMI cables since HDMI cable is “digital” not “analog”, getting a cheap $10 HDMI cable will perform just as well as $100 ones.
  • HDMI Switch – If you have a lot of HD devices, such as PS3, Blu-ray, and your laptop AND your HDTV only has 1 or 2 HDMI inputs, you don’t need to manually switch your HD devices all the time.  Instead, get an HDMI switch, which will allow you to switch between your HD devices and also comes with a remote.
  • HDMI Splitter – If for some reason you want to stream your HD content to multiple HDTVs at once, you will want to get a good HDMI splitter that will allow you to simultaneously view same content across multiple HDTVs.
  • RCA/VGA to HDMI Converter – Most HDTVs do have RCA/VGA inputs but if for some reason you don’t have them or you need additional inputs for them, you can get an RCA/VGA to HDMI converter which will allow you to connect your older non-HD devices into your HDMI inputs.
  • HDMI to DVI Cable – For connecting your PC/Mac computer to your HDTV, you will want to get an HDMI to DVI cable.   This will give you crystal, clear output of your computer onto your HDTV without loss of quality.
  • HDMI Coupler – If you want to elongate your HDMI cable, you don’t have to buy a brand new, longer HDMI cable but you can get HDMI coupler (as many as you want), to extend the range of your HDMI cables.
  • HDTV Calibration – From time to time, you might want to calibrate your HDTV for the best quality picture.  To do this, there’s HDTV calibration DVDs and Blu-ray discs you can get.
  • HD Media Player – For those of you who have a lot of movies on your computer or portable hard disks, you might want to get an HD Media Player which makes playing them on your HDTV seamless plus you can benefit greatly from its ability to stream content straight from the internet such as YouTube.

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