LG’s Flexible E-Reader Newspaper Goes into Production (and in Color!)

Remember we told you about LG’s flexible newspaper that is like an Amazon Kindle that is flexible and also size of a real newspaper? ¬†Well, LG is going into production with these futuristic e-readers and with color!

If this does come to the market (and I don’t doubt that it would), we should expect current e-readers to go obsolete in a few years.

Many e-readers use monochrome screens based on technology from E-Ink, but LG has been independently researching development of color e-paper, Jakhanwal said. LG in the past showed flexible color e-paper displays, including a 14-inch A4-sized e-paper that could display 16.7 million colors.

“What device it’ll be used in will be interesting,” Jakhanwal said.

Analysts agreed that color e-paper could bring a new level of multimedia entertainment to e-readers and portable devices. But there are cost and usage issues that need to be overcome before they become popular.

Color e-paper could be more expensive and consume a lot of power, said Lawrence Gasman, principal analyst at NanoMarkets.

via pcworld

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