DSLR Microscope Adapter Hack!

Wanna take some really crisp, DSLR high-res photos of your latest finds on your microscope?   You might want to refer to this DSLR hack that involves using a microscope adapter to take some brilliant photos of magnified objects.

In order to attach the camera to the microscope, I found this microscope->Nikon adapter that I had built years ago. The barrel fits inside the microscope tube and provides a Nikon lens mount. I got the lens mount from a very old, very broken lens. I have a m4/3->Nikon adapter, so I can attach this to the GH1.

The first problem that I noticed was a bright, fuzzy spot in the middle of the image. I removed the camera, and looked down the microscope with all of the adapters in place, but no eyepiece. I could see a lot of light reflecting off the tube’s inner walls and this ring of light was landing on the sensor and ruining the image. I added a washer to the Nikon adapter to act as a baffle. This helped, but I also ended up unscrewing the eyepiece tube from the microscope, and inserting the Nikon adapter into the microscope body. This shortened the distance between the camera and the objective, so there was less tube wall to cause unwanted reflections.

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  1. Goku Abreu says:

    Hi, I’m interested in MicroPhotography. What microscope did you use for that project? I have a Nikon D3000 DSLR camera. Would a Celestron 44104 500x microscope work for taking some shots?

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