Supercomputing on Android Smartphones!

Looks like researchers at MIT are gunning for supercomputer on Android smartphones.

I was actually thinking this the other day, what am I going to do with all my old Android smartphones when I get them out of contract?

Solution? You can still use them as media players or yup, connect thousands of them in parallel and use it to power web servers for

One day I know it will be there, this is just a start.

First, the researchers performed a complex series of calculations on the Ranger supercomputer—calculations that only a real, take-up-a-whole-room supercomputer could handle—and then generated a reduced model of the results. They turned that model into an Android app, loaded it on a Nexus One, and then were able to adjust the parameters of the complex data set and visualize the results in seconds, from just about anywhere. Using a reduced model of the real supercomputer’s work seems sort of like cheating to me, but then again who am I to question the guys at MIT.

via gizmodo

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