Droid Pro – Droid 2 World Roaming Version!

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UPDATE: Looks like this is not completely true yet, another rumor so hold on, we will have news soon what the Droid Pro is…

Looks like all the rumors about Droid 3 and Droid Pro are actually wrong, the Droid Pro is going to be a world-version for the Droid 2.

We think this is going to be one of those phones with a SIM card access at the back for going on GSM networks since not a whole lot of the world (I believe only Sprint, Verizon, South Korea, and Japan) are using CDMA-based data networks.

Whatever the case, Droid Pro will be an awesome, rugged world phone to carry around.  I’ve been using my Droid 2 often lately and I’ve found that the QWERTY keyboard does a handsome job of letting me browse the web with “both” of my hands on my bed right before I fall asleep.

The problem with holding a smartphone one hand before you go to sleep is that your one arm gets tired really fast, the QWERTY keyboard actually solves that problem and also “counter-balances” the weight of the phone.  You can hold it landscape on a QWERTY-keyboard-less smartphone too but it’s not the same as the weight of the phone is still trying to fight gravity.

Anyways, check out the full review of Droid 2 right here on Zedomax.com (and being updated with more updates daily as I use it more often).

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