The Terminator Salvation Arcade SDX Super Deluxe – $19,875!

If you asked me what I’d do with an extra $19,875 in my pocket, I would give you a straight face in your eyes and tell you I want one of these Terminator Salvation Arcade SDX Super Deluxe, that will give you the ultimate experience of being in a Terminator war.  Yup, seriously.

See video of this Terminator arcade game after the jump!

The amazing arcade shooter game captures all the thrill and excitement of the superhit movie to delight the most discerning arcade players. The Terminator Salvation Arcade SDX Super Deluxe Model lets you watch the extreme action across a 6 ft x 8 ft projection screen. It would be an amazing experience to watch life-size T-600 machines battling for dominance against the humans. Equipped with its big 100-inch widescreen projection monitor, the arcade shooter game delivers all the in-game shooting action with unparalleled realism. The heavy-duty recoiling rifles, featuring a new “Clip” action reload feature, add to the realistic experience. The cabinet features glowing neon rifle holders and a life-sized replica T-600 model Terminator marquee topper with glowing red eyes.

via bornrich, available at BMI gaming

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