T-Mobile G2 Phone Launching Soon with 4G!

Wow, it’s an endless cycle of new Android smartphones being intro-ed this year and probably all of next year.  While Google has stopped selling their Nexus One phones in retail, Google has been secretly been working with T-Mobile to product the next generation T-Mobile G2 Phone.

By the way, T-Mobile G1 phone was the very first-ever Google Android-based smartphone and to see Google/T-Mobile launching their second “G” branded phone means something big is going to happen we think.

We will have all the goodies on the new T-Mobile G1 phone when it launches and in the meanwhile, keep your butts glued to your office chairs and whatnot, this is going to be an exciting ride with lots of G force.

The new T-Mobile G2 Phone will supposedly possess powers of HSPA+ 4G speeds and who know what kind of Android OS is on there but we guess nothing less than Android 2.5 or even 3.0.  Yey!

via bgr, G2 Phone on T-Mobile

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