Dell Streak Dissected! [Teardown]

Dell Streak has now been dissected by the guys over at iFixit (who use dissection of gadgets as PR stunts, why not?!?) and indeed the internals of Dell Streaks show that it’s rather easy to disassemble.

For those of you who might have dropped your Dell Streak on the first week of use and you want to replace the parts yourself, hit up the iFixit link at the bottom.

The 1530 mAh battery on the Streak is easily replaceable and is covered with a sheet of steel, rather than plastic, to decrease its overall thickness.

Streak has a second 2 GB microSD card near the top of the motherboard that holds system and applications files.

The ā€œCā€-shaped motherboard of the device comes out easily after disconnecting some cables, says iFixit, and all components are attached to this motherboard.

via wired, iFixit

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