Modded Hot Imports Roundup!

Here’s a quick round-up of what you missed from modded Hot Imports at

  • Modded Honda Civic Si – This Honda Civic Si is a fun little roaster to go around town, not your drag race car buy yeah, it’s a nice beater to go around in.
  • Modified Mazda RX7 – Are you serious about modding your Mazda RX7?  You should take a look at this RX7 with all the shebang, upgraded intercoolers/turbos and a whole lot more to look at, ready to do some 9s at the drags.
  • 400HP Toyota MR2 – This used to be one of my favorited hot imports, check out this 400 horsepower Toyota MR2 that possesses enough power to unleash beasts to stock Porsches out there.  (Go gettem!) Effin’ tight!
  • 2011 Nissan GTR Track Edition – One of my future cars will definitely be a GTR, I just like how it handles (on Playstation) and I am sure it’s about the same in real life.
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 – Check out this Lancer Evo 8, 950HP at rear wheels!  That is some insane numbers for such a small car!
  • Honda Civic with Lamborghini-like doors – I’ve actually seen a Civic like this with Lamborghini doors, it ain’t going to make your Civic faster but it does look cool as hell.
  • Honda S2000 with 321HP – Don’t mind the 321HP, this Honda S2000 is light and will do some crazy tricks around the corners, time to drift!

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