DIY Coin Pusher!

For those of you with kids who cannot stop asking you to go to Chucky Cheese so they can play all the coin pusher games, you can build them their own DIY Coin Pusher so they will be entertained for hours without bothering you.

This seems actually like a lot of fun to play if you got hours to kill, see the DIY Coin Pusher in action after the jump!

Much as I should have loved to have a full sized arcade cabinet I wouldn’t have the space to keep it so I settled on a more reasonable desktop sized version. I wanted the size to feel just right and while a CAD model would give a feel for the relative dimensions nothing could replace a physical prototype so I got out the A3 paper. I was pleased with an hour or two’s cutting and folding work. The final model has few differences to the paper model (and the differences there are intentional changes I made to make it feel right). The other advantage of having a model sitting there is that you know how many different pieces of wood you’ll need and roughly what size.

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