DSLR Hack – How to Build a Ring Flash!

For photographers who use DSLR cameras to take professional photos, you know that ring flash is one of the better flashes that will allow you to take better photos at night and even during the day.

Well, I’ve always wanted to get a new ring flash for my Canon 7D but I don’t want to spend $500 on a nice ring flash.  But yes, there is a way to build your own ring flash.  It might not end up as pretty but will get the job done.

Besides, all a ring flash is a bunch of high-intensity LEDs put together into a ring, we are all paying too much for a bunch of LEDs.

Even better, this ring flash stays on, meaning you can easily use it for 1080P videos you take with your DSLR camera at night.

I am not a professional photographer, not even into marco photography that much, but quite often I find difficult to take good detailed shots of my railway models. The flash on my Canon camera casts deep shadows over the ridges so I often end up bringing 5-6 light to the subject to get as many light sources as I can.

I did not want to spend several hundred pounds of professional equipment, hence I was happy to find the following site:
This was simple enough for me to build, made from components that are easy to get.

via instructables

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