DIY Electric Inline Skates!

We’ve seen a plenty of motorized electric bikes and electric skateboards before but this is the first time that someone has managed to get DIY electric inline skates working, all so you can start commuting to work with a throttle control on your wrist.

We guess it won’t be long before you see kiddie versions of these at Walmart soon.

All-wheel drive with four hub motors, which are the most compact drive solution possible. The motors add minimal drivetrain drag to the system, so the skates can still be used normally. I contend this should always be available as a backup propulsion method for small electric vehicles.
100% self-contained. All of the batteries and controls are contained within the skate body, and each skate frame is effectively a single-channel motor vehicle. No power is shared between the two units. There is of course then the downside of uneven battery life depending on which side of your body is dominant.
Controlled wirelessly via 2.4Ghz radio modules. Not only does this keep the hands free to perform standard skating motions, but also allows for creative control methods. I’ve integrated the throttle into one of the wrist guards, which is equipped with force sensors to read applied forearm and wrist bending force. The wrist guards constrain physical movement, therefore making detection of force relatively easy.

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