Droid 2 Hard Case!

Looking for a nice stylish, hard case for your new Droid 2?  I’ve actually got this Droid 2 Hard Case in red, I am lovin’ it.  It’s not as thick as the Droid 2 Case I mentioned earlier today but it’s thin, has beautiful shiny red/gold color, and feels great on your hands.

Just $7.99 on Amazon for this red Droid 2 Hard Case and also check this link for other colors.

For those of you who want something sleek and stylish for your Droid 2, I highly recommend these Droid 2 Snap-on Hard Cases which have a really nice shine to them and fits your Droid 2 perfectly.

Unlike its description, this Droid 2 Hard Case isn’t rubber nor does it feel “rubbery” but it’s hard plastic case. I really love how it feels in my hands.

via droid2accessories

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