How to Make Mac and Windows Play Nice with PlayNice Software!

I admit it, I stand before you begging for a chance to pitch the PlayNice Software. I’m thinking how can I make this fun.. something that will catch your eye, and let YOU let ME roll with it?!

On the fly, I can say, I will give you a expose that will shed a whole new light on the tumultous relationship between Mac & Windows. I might even throw in those two guys from the commercials bashing Windows.. could happen.

So, let’s just say, Mac and Winnie met one dark night and sync’d it up.. they CAN get along, it just took some commitment.

San Diego, CA–June 1, 2010–PocketMac, the leading Macintosh sync software company, releases PlayNice(TM) for Mac & Windows. PlayNice is the first software to allow users to sync data from Windows & Macintosh computers.

“There’s no reason that you shouldn’t be able to have your data current between your Windows and Mac machines,” Tim Goggin, VP of Sales & Marketing said. “And now you can with PlayNice–it’s the first software to give you this power.”

Unlike subscription services like MobileMe, PlayNice is a one-time purchase-and-install and there are no subscription costs.

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