Droid 2 Flash Player 10.1 Demo!

Did Apple miss out on the latest mobile Flash Player 10.1 revolution?  In short, it seems so as Adobe has just released their latest video showcasing all the cool features of Flash Player 10.1 running flawlessly on the new Droid 2.

Watch as Diana Helander shows you exactly what I mean:

Diana goes on further to explain that the new mobile Flash Player 10.1 fixes “empty boxes” and “static websites”, allowing users to experience the full desktop Flash 10.1 experience on their mobile phones.

Diana Helander goes through every detail of how Flash Player 10.1 now can run all desktop flash-enabled sites showcasing such sites like CBS, CNet, and even Sims 3 site, where Flash Player 10.1 certainly enhances the user browsing experience.

On particular, Flash Player 10.1 proves to be pivotal in allowing users to do more with video content, such as sharing with social sites like Twitter, Facebook, and more.

For sites like Sims 3, where users can interact with Flash content, Flash Player 10.1 does a fantastic job of allowing users to pick and choose game items without having to deal with a static site.

In short, mobile Flash Player 10.1 will open up a whole new doors for mobile phone users to take advantage of existing millions of flash content out there.

via motoroladroid2

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