Human Touch AcuTouch 9500 Review – World’s First iPhone/iPod/iPad Controlled Massage Chair!

At Las Vegas Market 2010 couple days back, I had the chance to review hands-on with the world’s first iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad-controlled massage chair thanks to the folks at Human Touch.  (Thanks Ralph, Michael, and Andrew!)

UPDATE: The AcuTouch 9500 is available NOW!

The coolest part about their new free iPhone/iPod/Touch/iPad app called “HT Connect” available at the App Store?

HT Connect doesn’t simply let you control the massage chair (although it does), it lets you do custom programming to extend the features of the massage chair.  Whereas the manual controls on the massage chair limits you to just “manual” programs or basic functionality of the massage chair, using an iPhone, iPod, or iPad will allow the user to try customized massage programs for those like PGA Tour golfer Tim Clark or even customize and make your own massage programs.

(Here’s PGA Tour golfer Tim Clark’s massage program loaded onto the iPad HTconnect app, Human Touch reps told me you will also be able to download more custom massage programs.)

Their new iPhone/iPod/iPad-enabled massage chair is the Human Touch AcuTouch 9500 model. It isn’t available for purchase right now but it is coming later this year and glad that I was one of the first to review it hands-on.

When you first start up the app, the app will do an “acupoint detection” which will actually measure your size and height to determine the optimal massaging points. (as seen below)

There’s also an “expresso shots” mode that allows to quickly target 3 muscle groups of your choice for quick massage where you need it most.

During any program, you can easily adjust the intensity of your massage and even “save” them for future use. (if you are running custom programming such as Tim Clark’s.)   So next time you run the program, it will be Tim Clark’s program plus your customizations.  This is the highlight of this massage chair, that massages can actually be saved on a iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.  Just having manual controls on the app would not have merit the same benefits.

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed at Human Touch’s detailed development into the world’s first iPhone/iPod/iPad-controlled massaging chair that further improves customer experience through custom programming and the ability to download massage programs of famous sports stars via its app.

Do I recommend it?

Yes, I think this is as best as a massage chair it’s going to get.

It’s now available at, get a FREE iPod Touch with your purchase!

If you want to be first to be alerted when the AcuTouch 9500 officially launches, head over here to Human Touch’s website.

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