Cool Gelmat for Your Bedroom!

One of the “coolest” products that I saw at this year’s Las Vegas Market was this cool Gelmat from Hirakawa Corporation.

Basically, it’s a cool gelmat that you can lay down on your mattress and it will naturally cool your body by absorbing your body heat with its super-dense water composition.

I was a bit skeptical to how this could work as the cool Gelmat requires no extra power such as electricity to work.

Well, once I laid down on one of these, it was a whole another world, the cool Gelmat indeed works really well, I felt like I was sitting on a layer of very, very cold water.

Of course, these cool Gelmats aren’t designed for use under direct sunlight but they can be used inside tents, your bedroom, and anywhere there’s shade.

These should be available in various different retailers soon and hopefully on Amazon.   When it is, we will let you know and boy, these things are awesome!

I am a totally “hot” guy, not in that way but I get hot easily.  If I am even standing in weather above 80 degrees fahrenheit, I will immediately sweat.

This cool gelmat will work wonders for those of you who live in countries where it’s hot as hell such as summer in Floria or even Texas.

Of course, the best part about this cool Gelmat is that you will save a lot on energy bills, especially if you tend to leave the AC on at night.

Hirakawa rep told me that they have sold a million of these already in Japan for the last 3 years, now I am a believer, I think this product will be widely used in the future, especially for sports where you no longer need to “ice” your back but instead use these gelmats.

I will contact the Hirakawa reps to find out where they are available, in the meanwhile, you can be happy that I am the first person in the U.S. to tell you about it.

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