Best Zero Gravity Chair Recliner Review!

At Las Vegas Market (where I am currently at), I spotted these really nice leather zero gravity chair recliners.  Of course, since I already use an outdoor zero gravity chair I bought last year, I could not resist walking into Human Touch’s showroom and trying them out.

Upon trying these Human Touch zero-gravity chairs, I realized that these are the best zero-gravity chairs I have ever tried. What impressed me thereafter I tried their manual versions is what amazed me, these zero-gravity chairs are “automatic” and powered by a motor, meaning you can press a button to adjust your chair!

Believe me, I’ve been actually looking out for something like this for my future, a really nice zero-gravity chair recliner that I can use to help me blog all day long and you know what, I am so happy that I’ve finally “found” the chair I’ve been looking for all my life, it’s like a match made in heaven.

And yeah, don’t get me wrong either, this is just a great product I happen to notice at the show, I don’t get paid by Human Touch to write this review. (Disclosure: I am always at tradeshows to check out the best and latest products.)

This model of Human Touch zero-gravity recliner includes a “memory foam” padding AND real leather on the outset.

If you have been waiting to get a nice office chair that will relax your back while allowing you to use a laptop or iPad easily, this is IT!

As I sat down on these zero gravity chairs for about an hour straight, I noticed how “rugged” the whole gravity chair feels, it’s made from the highest-quality materials and engineering, something I can really “feel” and solid wood frame does have a lot to do with that.

Because this is something I really wanted for a long time and also it’s a great, durable but most importantly, very comfortable (feels like floating on air), I give it our 2010 Best Zero Gravity Chair Recliner Award and you know we don’t give out those often.  (Last award went to ASUS UL30Vt laptop btw.)

The bottom line?  These Human Touch Zero Gravity Chair Recliners are simple, rugged, and comfortable.

For the money you spend on these quality recliners, it’s worth every penny.

Now, I am going to order one on Amazon real soon.

I want to also thank the folks Ralph, Michael, and Andrew over at Human Touch for helping me take a bunch of photos and shoot a review video.  (They even “rented” a model” for me, that will be coming next btw.)

Where to Buy This Featured Model Human Touch PC95: (Motor Powered)

Where to Buy Same Model without Motor – Human Touch PC6: (Manual)

2 Responses to Best Zero Gravity Chair Recliner Review!

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  2. mart, PhD says:

    WAY over priced for what it is. Few materials. Potential is there, but drop price……for now, I am happy with my old arts and crafts recliner.

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