Vivon Adjustable Mattress – Mattress Made for iPads and Steve Jobs will be Proud to Have One of These!


So this whole week, I am over at the Las Vegas Market, one of the biggest tradeshows in the world for home furnishings.   And yes, I found this perfect mattress for browsing on your iPad/laptop called “Vivon”.  Vivon has just launched their world’s first adjustable mattress.

There’s other adjustable “beds” which have a mattress and separate adjustable bed but this Vivon mattress does it all in style, all adjusting is actually done inside the mattress.

One of the best things about the Vivon positional mattress is that it has a massaging “vibrating” feature that literally vibrates from your head to your toes. I’ve actually looked everywhere but this is indeed also the world’s first adjustable mattress that also has vibration built-in.

According to the sales rep, the Vivon positional mattress has its vibration motor built-in right into the core of mattress, allowing the vibration to be felt even through the thick memory foam inset. (In traditional mattresses, the vibration motor is positioned near the frame, not giving you as good vibration.)

Here, I did a short video review of the Vivon adjustable/positional mattress:


What’s really nice about the Vivon positional mattress is that you can adjust it to the “perfect” position for me to actually use my laptop and type easily while I am still sitting on the bed.

I actually do this often on my regular memory foam mattress, that of working on my bed with 2 or 3 memory foam pillows stuck on my back.  Usually, I can’t really get much work in that position because it’s rather crude but with Vivon, I think it will help me work more often from the comfort of my bed. Perhaps I could make it part of my morning routine, that of working from the bed as soon as I get up, now that will certainly save me a lot of time.

The Vivon adjustable mattress has the exact same position as the outdoor anti-gravity chair I use, which I actually use to relieve the stress on my back, and yes, I have to say that’s actually the best position to work in front of your computer for long hours. Trust me, I know what I am talking about when it comes to working in front of computer, I pride myself in having my brain literally attached to my poor laptop’s Intel CPU cores.

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