Speedy Wash – How to Clean/Wash a Bus/RV in 5 Minutes!


I just stumbled onto this cool Speedy Wash on YouTube, it’s a giant, vertical bus/RV-washing robot that’s completely automated and clean/washes buses and RVs in matter of minutes. ¬†Pretty cool stuff I have to say. ¬†This could work well for those of you with multiple Hummers.

SPEEDY WASH is the BITIMEC mobile single brush washing machine line used to wash coaches, buses, trailers, trucks, tankers, and railcars. Single brush mobile power washers are the most economical way for transport carriers and bus or coach companies to keep their fleets clean. A clean fleet is a clean image!

SPEEDY WASH saves time and money compared to other mechanized washing systems. Mobile Single Brush washers do not require special bays. They are easy to operate on any solid, even surface. With multiple power options, total mobility and autonomy, you can take the wash to the bus and not the bus to the wash.

Speedy Wash homepage

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