Android Hack – How to Make a Custom HTC Evo 4G Wiimote Gaming Controller!

Here’s a great way to enjoy games on your HTC Evo 4G, hook it up to a Wii Wheel!  Should be also easy to do on other Android smartphones such as the Droid X or Samsung Vibrant.

Short List of what my procedure was:
1. unscrew top screws
2. cut to fit Evo landscape
3. put plastic on for fitment before glue.
4. applied glue to plastic, then glued to the wheel.
Waited to dry.

So I am always looking for ways to be crafty, and after CM6 was released, I needed a way to play my NBA Jam, NBA Hangtime, Megaman, etc. with a wiimote.

I was at the dollar store with my gf (Dollar Tree), and saw this Wii Steering wheel for a buck. I said what the heck, i’ll buy it and make a project out of it.

via hackaday, htcevohacks, Project Page

4 Responses to Android Hack – How to Make a Custom HTC Evo 4G Wiimote Gaming Controller!

  1. Unxpekted says:

    You could also call this. How to put a NES on your cellphone. Its extremely unpractical and does nothing to actually enhance game experience.

  2. max says:

    Actually its pretty fun to play mario brothers all over again on your phone and wiimote. :p

  3. Anonymous says:

    Modifying the plastic to fit the phone hardly seems like the difficult or interesting part of this hack – what about the important stuff – what software are you running on the phone, and what is the procedure to connect the wiimote to the phone?

  4. kimani says:

    How can you set up the Wii remote to Evo even though Eco uses sense ui

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