32-inch LCD HDTV Review! – Best Deal on 32-inch LCD HDTVs!

Today, we will look at the “best deals” on 32-inch LCD HDTVs on the market right now, starting from the lowest to highest.  We will only cover traditional LCD HDTVs, LED LCD HDTVs are another matter we will cover later on.

Also, if you have no idea what 720P/1080P, 60Hz/120Hz, and contrast ratios mean, read our crash course on buying HDTVs first.

Best Deal on 32-inch 60Hz 720P LCD HDTV – LG 32LD350

This LG 32LD350 has a dynamic contrast ratio of 70:000:1 and offers most for your buck, it’s the best deal in town for a 32-inch 60Hz 720P LCD HDTV.

If what you are looking for is any LCD HDTV that will fit your bill, this LG is probably the best bang for your buck.

Price: $398 on Amazon

Best Deal on 32-inch 60Hz 1080P LCD HDTV – Samsung LN32C550

The Samsung LN32C550 LCD TV offers the highest contrast ratio for a 32-inch 1080P LCD HDTV on the market with a contrast ratio of 90,000:1. If you need the 1080P HD, perhaps for using it as a computer monitor and edit 1080P videos, this certainly is as good as it’s going to get without stepping up to an LED HDTV. Next, we will go compare LED TVs.

Price: $539.98 on Amazon

Best Deal on 32-inch 120Hz 720P LCD HDTV – Panasonic VIERA G1 TC-L32G1

If you don’t care for 1080P resolution but still want 120Hz refresh rate to capture every frame, there is a Panasonic Viera G1 TC-L32G1, which is the best deal in town for that with a 20,000:1 contrast ratio.  But wait, if you are going to get this, look at the next one, the LG 120Hz 1080P HDTV with a much smaller price tag.

Price: $749.95 on Amazon

Best Deal on 32-inch 120Hz 1080P LCD HDTV – LG32LD550

The LG32LD550 is probably the “best” LCD HDTV you can get right now will full 1080P, 120Hz refresh rate, and just $594.46 price tag.

The 150,000:1 contrast ratio isn’t too bad either considering that you are already getting 12Hz and 1080P.

Needless to say, I probably get this over the Panasonic Vierra we mentioned earlier because of the price.

Price: $594.46 on Amazon

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