South Korean Company LG, “Apple May Delay iPads”

Ironically only a day after I posted the South Koreans are practically going mad because they can’t get their hands on the latest iPhone 4, the South Korean company LG who supplies displays for iPads, announces they simply cannot keep up with iPad demands.

Of course, this probably has nothing to do with the fact that most South Koreans are “frustrated” at Apple for treating them like a 3rd world country, but you have to admit it’s ironic that this happened.   Karma?

For Android fanboys out there, this might actually be good news as slew of Android tablets are already on their way including from Samsung and LG, that could be another reason they are in shortage, who knows?

And we have to respect LG if they need to focus their attention on their own Android Tablets, which seem like the next big thing.  In fact, I might get a review unit like reaaaaal soon.

via engadget

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