Motorola i1 Launched!

Sprint launches their newest push-to-talk Android smartphone (in fact, first ever) at Sprint Stores nationwide.

The Sprint Motorola i1 comes with an Android 1.5 platform, multi-touch screen, 5 megapixel camera with LED flash and 4X zoom, and on iDEN 800/900Mhz network.

The iDEN 800/900Mhz is a lot slower than Sprint’s 3G or 4G but this phone’s main feature it that you can use the push-to-talk feature to other phones with that capability.

The Motorola i1 has a battery life of 210 minutes under continuous use and 100 hours in standby-mode from its 1400mAh lithium ion battery.

The Motorola i1 is probably the “most ruggest Adroid” smartphone we have seen and geared to those of you plumbers, contracters, and anyone who tends to drop their phones a lot.

The Android 1.5 is proably not going to be updated to Android 2.1 or 2.2 anytime soon but as a push-to-talk phone, the Motorola i1 is certainly a good choice for those who appreciate the push-to-talk feature.

Also, if you need accessories for the Motorola i1, start here at

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