Burger Hack – How to Make In-N-Out Burgers!

One of the reasons I live in San Francisco Bay Area isn’t just because of its cool 70-degrees-fahrenheit weather all year, it’s also because I live about 5 minutes to my local In-N-Out and there’s practically an In-N-Out that opens until late wee-hours beyond 12AM in every other city here.

And for those of you who have never tried In-N-Out, it’s out of this world, my favorite is #1 that comes with a double-double cheeseburger.

In-N-Out only sells really 4 things, a double-double chesseburger, cheesburger, and hamburger.   That’s the only burgers you can order.   But believe me, you will love the taste of In-N-Out burgers.  9 out of 10 people love them here in California, and reasons why it has been spreading like wildfire around the west coast.

Of course, for those of you who aren’t lucky to live next to an In-N-Out, someone has posted a DIY method to making your In-N-Out burgers.

This could be a great way to sorta make your own but then again, it might actually worth it one of these days to take a trip to San Francisco and taste the real In-N-Out burgers.

My dad always used to tell me, “son, why don’t you go work at In-N-Out for a year, learn all the secrets then we will go open up In-To-Out burger shops in Korea”.

Haha, I actually did apply for In-N-Out for a job when I graduated from college, they are the highest paying burger joints in the whole country.  Sadly, getting employeed at In-N-Out isn’t all that easy, I would say it’s hard as getting into Intel.  No, I was rejected because they want people who are “serious” about making burgers, like all week long.

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