South Koreans “Not Happy” at Apple and Steve Jobs!

According to numerous Korean tech sites I have read through just now, South Koreans are very “unhappy” about the fact that Apple and Steve Jobs left out South Korea from its iPhone 4 launch.  While many other countries including UK customers have gotten hands-on the iPhone 4, South Korea has been left out, where it has a strong hold on smartphone consumers.

In addition, South Korea’s only iPhone provider KT, is having trouble explaining to customers when exactly iPhone 4 will be available.  KT is currently able to sell iPhone 3Gs 8GB versions, 16GB and 32GB are have already depleted.

In the meanwhile, KT is also selling “Nexus One” along with the iPhone 3Gs 8GB, it seems that Nexus One is actually taking over a lot of the new customers.

If Apple and Steve Jobs doesn’t do anything about South Korea soon, they will probably lose out a lot of their international customers.

FYI, over 50% of Apple’s revenues are generated outside the U.S.

KT is the number 2 cellular network provider in South Korea.  The #1 network SK Telecom is heavily pushing Samsung new line of Galaxy S Android smartphones, which have sold over 300,000 in the first month.

Obviously, Steve Job’s discriminate practices for their products are causing concern everywhere around the world including Adobe Flash, iPhone 4 antenna issues, and now South Koreans who can’t even buy one because Steve Jobs decided not to.

It might be a good thing for the Koreans though, this just means they might get their hands on the iPhone 4 with its antenna reception problems fixed first.

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  1. Unxpekted says:

    Everyone wants an iPhone!

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