Apple Attacks Droid X Antenna with a “Death Grip”!


Recently, Apple attacked Droid X, posting a video on their YouTube channel showing the death grip on the Droid X.

Needlessly to say, it’s coming from Apple and they are still missing the most important point, that iPhone 4’s antenna reception problems happen when you only place a finger on the antenna gap.

Besides that, Apple is participating in deceptive acts or practices by manipulating the Droid X antenna test video.

If you want to check out proof, head to here, there’s plenty proof that Droid X has no “death grip” effects rather many users are actually gaining “bars” by using the death grip.

Even Apple fanboys are rather surprised at Apple’s latest tactics of pointing fingers at others when the problem is their exposed external antenna to blame.

So what?

Just sayin’, there’s no death grip problems in reality with other smartphones (nothing serious like iPhone 4), these are all LIES Apple wants to spread around to “dilute” the actual problem at hand, their iPhone 4 antenna design.

Hey, I will love Apple again when they start doing things right like they did couple years back but this is unacceptable, especially if you think consumers are so dumb you can get by (again) with deceptive acts.

Let’s look at that video interview we did earlier in the month where Steve Jobs told us the real reason behind the antenna death grip/gap:

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