Outdoor Rock Speaker!

At least once in our life, you’ve probably used an outdoor rock key holder, right?

Well, there’s more you can do with rocks as this Creative Labs Outdoor Rock Speaker will let you listen to your favorite music in your backyard by the pool, all while being completely weather-proof again rain, snow, and whatnot.

Now, I want a wireless version please.

  • Enjoy music anywhere outdoors, rain or shine
  • Wireless setup is simple ? no cables or network configuration required
  • Single 6.5-inch (165mm) stereo speaker with dual tweeters provides contoured sound in open-air environments
  • Weatherproof ? suitable for all conditions: sun, rain or snow
  • Rechargeable battery gives up to 6 hours of continuous audio playback

Price: $199.99 on Amazon (Pre-order)

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