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For those of you who have just bought or going to buy a Droid X, here’s round-up of essential Droid X accessories you should get for sheezy:

  • Droid X Case – I prefer silicon cases, there’s two I recommend, two different style with a large choice of colors.
  • Droid X Charging Cradle – You will definitely want to get the “official” Droid X charging cradle which features HDMI out and also charging cable to keep your Droid X hooked up to your LCD or HDTV in fashion.
  • Droid X Screen Protector – This one is a must for everyone, you need a screen protector for your Droid X simply because it will protect it again scratching.  Think of it as insurance for your car.  Don’t get caught without one.  There’s several different types of screen protectors available, my recommendation is Zagg but the mirror is also good for ladies out there!
  • Droid X Earbuds – Don’t forget to get the Jbuds J3M earbuds, which are the best earbuds for smartphones with mic so you can talk even in wind with outside noise isolated fully.
  • Droid X HDMI Cable – Do you have a HDTV?   Take advantage of Droid X’s 720P HD video output for video/photo replay.
  • Droid X SD Card – You will want to look at our “fastest micro SD card review”.
  • Droid X USB Charging Cable – Don’t forget to pick up couple extra micro USB cables for your Droid X, this is insurance against spending on over-priced ones when you lose them and it’s Christmas.
  • Droid X Car Charger – Do you drive?  I bet you do and don’t forget to get a Droid X Car Charger so you can charge on the go!  Also try the retractable car charger for your Droid X.
  • Droid X Battery – You can also get a spare battery so you can swap batteries and get all day mobile computing on the Droid X.

For more, visit our DroidXAccessories.com.

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